It all started in 1998. I was 8 years old and after living a few years in Paris, my parents announced that we were moving to Egypt. I was too young to realize what was happening, or what that would entail…. Little did I know the following years would become the most amazing memories of my childhood and would shape the foundation of a life-long passion.

Young rider on horseback in front of the Giza pyramids in Egypt

Following friends’ recommendations, we soon started riding in the desert, by the pyramids. My parents, who initially were not too keen on riding horses, quickly learned to appreciate the incomparable feeling of freedom and the adrenaline that take over every sense and emotion when you race in the desert at full speed on a tireless Arabian horse. The first time I was addicted…. and this feeling has never left me.

I was soon lucky to have my own Arabian mare, named Amal (“hope” in Arabic), shown in the picture.

As I grew up, and we moved from country to country, I continued to ride and to seek that feeling of freedom. Often traveling alone, I have since visited over 40 countries and I (try to!) make a point of going on a trail in each new place.

With these strong foundations and ongoing passion, my mission today is to share my passion for horses and travel, empowering women and solo travellers to embark on equestrian adventures across the world. It is through this blog that I invite you to follow my journey of discovering the world on horseback, and hopefully, you will join me on one of these adventures!

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