Fun & Adrenaline in the heart of Andalusia ~ with Doñana Horse Adventure

I had to write my first blog post about my favorite place to ride (in the world!). Located near the National Park of Doñana and the mythical sand village of El Rocio in the South of Spain, Doñana Horse Adventure offers the most exceptional tailored trailrides for experienced riders.

I have spent countless weekends and holidays there, each time discovering new paths and exciting routes to gallop through. The horses are athletes who are very well trained to sustain long canters and challenging tracks, while being extremely sure-footed and reliable.

Gallops, jumps, rollercosters, beach rides and river crossings …  you name it! This place will get your adrenaline pumping!!

If you are lucky enough to book a ride to visit El Rocio, Andalusia’s Wild West town, you are in for a nice surprise.  The sandy roads and parking spots reserved for horses will remind you of a scene in a western movie. The atmosphere will captivate you as the women in their colourful flamenco dresses dance to the hand clapping and the sound of the “guitara” … you have to see it to believe it!

Next to the village is the National Park of Doñana, a protected area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a unique biodiversity/ecosystem which inhabits a wide range of wildlife, numerous species and diverse flora- and you get to gallop through that!!


Last but not least, at the end of your trip you will get a nice little video edit of your performance – which in my case was a little cringe… seriously, that’s when you realize all your flaws- but hey, who doesn’t want that?

Doñana Horse Adventure is about 1h drive from Sevilla, but you can also take a bus directly to Almonte, which is the closest town. If you are booking the 2 day premium ride I would recommend finding accommodation in Casa Halcon, which is 2km away. Another good option if you have a car is to stay in Almonte or El Rocio.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! If you have already been there, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section 🙂




*All pictures are my own (@worldonhorseback)

4 thoughts on “Fun & Adrenaline in the heart of Andalusia ~ with Doñana Horse Adventure

  1. Hey!
    We have been there a few days ago, and it’s really one of the best places to ride! The horses are good in shape and with sandrine it was a perfect ride! El rocio is a must see for riders…
    Nice greets kati & tobi

  2. I was there early February this year. I am not a very experienced rider but did enjoy galloping in this beautiful scenery. Sandrine kindly gave me a very nice and quiet horse perfectly adapted to my skills.
    I strongly recommend this adventure !

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